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Western Red Cedar is one of the finest woods available, with excellent durability, stability, and rot resistance. It is well-known for its unmatched beauty and functionality. The material is in the soft wood family and is very light in weight, plus it does not swell, shrink, or warp excessively despite our ever changing Texas climate. Cedar is a great way to repel most bugs and insects.


Our cedar does not contain pitch and therefore works well with most stains, paints, and glue. Cedar naturally comes in a wide variety of shades ranging from a light tan to a dark chocolate brown, and some pieces will even contain shades of pink and red.


Our cedar is available in a rough sawn finish, but can be surfaced smooth. The material comes in several different grades, but you can get most products with a clear or a knotty pattern. While Western Red Cedar is a great choice for any exterior, it also makes for a beautiful interior product as well. Western Red Cedar, functional and beautiful, is a great choice for your next project.


Your premier supplier of cedar products

• Boards - 1x2 thru 1x12

• Dimensional material - 2x2 thru 2x12

• Beams - 4x4 thru 12 x 12

• Sidings - bevel, lap and gap, tongue and groove, pattern #105, #117, double #105, custom cuts

• Fencing - split rail and cedar pickets.

• Sidewall shakes and Shingles

What kind of cedar do we offer?

There's a type of cedar that's right for every project. Whether you're building a home or working on a project, we can help!

Want to learn more about

cedar before deciding if it's

right for you? Give us a call!


Aromatic cedar is a local Texas cedar, or juniper. It is mostly used in closet linings, cedar chests, and craft projects. It has a wonderful smell when freshly sanded or cut. Aromatic cedar often contains reds and purples and is usually mixed with white sapwood. We mostly stock aromatic 1x6. Most other sizes are available as special order including log mantles.

Aromatic Cedar

Douglas fir is considerably stronger that Western Red Cedar. It can be used in applications that require a more structurally sound product. Fir holds paints and stains well, and is attractive in either a smooth or rough finish. We typically bring fir in per order. It is available in Appearance grade boards and beams, plus boards and dimensional material in a C-grade fir which is a clear grade.

Douglas Fir

Redwood is a wonderful wood that is stable and durable. While redwood has become difficult to stock, it is still available. The common grades of redwood that are available are:

Clear All Heart - All red and contains no knots. This is the best grade available and is difficult to get in most sizes.

Heart B - Heart B is all red and contains one defect in the board. This is a very nice product.

Clear - Clear redwood contains no knots, but does have a mix of red and white sapwood.

Construction Heart - This is probably the most common, used for outdoor objects such as children’s playgrounds, picnic tables, and flower beds.


Aspen is a light colored softwood that is characterized by brown streaking and larger knots. It is a rustic-looking product works well in country or cabin settings. This product is recommended for interior use only, and only for rooms that are low in moisture. This product comes in a six inch tongue and groove pattern.


Lodge pole pine is a light colored product consisting of smaller knots and some streaking. Being a species of pine, it is harder than some of the other softwoods. It is a very attractive wood inside or out. We stock this material in a six inch tongue and groove.

Lodge Pole Pine

Cypress is a hardwood that is chosen for its appearance and durability. Cypress is mostly a yellowish tan in color but has accents that range from brown to red to light green. We stock a limited amount of cypress beams from 4 x 4 to 8 x 12. We can also get boards and make dimensional lumber from 2 x 2 to 2 x 12.


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